Fixol Pipe Tidy
Fixol Pipe Tidy
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Fixol Pipe Tidy

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The Fixol Pipe Tidy is a simple solution to finishing and tidying a 90mm hole often drilled in the cabinet side or base under the sink to allow dishwasher feed and return pipes to pass through.

Interlocking Teeth - Interlocking teeth allow easy installation of the cover while keeping the hoses secure.

Centralising Guides - Guides on the back of the cover ensure that it stays central within the hole in the cabinet.

Installation - Drill 90mm hole. Offer up the cover, placing the pipes between the two sides, and drill 6 pilot holes. Then, screw the cover back to the cabinet ensuring the pipes aren't kinked.

Tools Required - Pencil, 90mm hole saw & drill, 3 mm drill bit, screwdriver

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