Fixol Finishing Collar
Fixol Finishing Collar
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Fixol Finishing Collar for around Electrical Sockets & Pipework.

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The Fixol Finishing Collar is a neat and tidy solution to an all-too common problem.

It is used where a hole is cut through the carcass back in order to access the service channel, which in most cases is usually left unsightly. This nifty little collar ensures the job is finished right down to the smallest detail.

For Plumbing - The Fixol Finishing Collar can be used around pipework and isolator taps. Easy to install, this product can be fitted while the pipework remains in-situ.

For Electrical Sockets - As shown, the Fixol Finishing Collar can also be doubled up to accommodate for double sockets. If required, it can still be used for single sockets too. (You must order a quantity of 2 for double sockets.)

Installation - Cut 90mm hole. Offer up the collar, and drill pilot holes. Finally, screw the collar back to the cabinet.

Tools Required - Pencil, 90mm hole saw & drill, 3 mm drill bit, screwdriver


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