Blum Ambia-Line Knife Block
Blum Ambia-Line Knife Block Drawer
Blum Ambia-Line Knife Block

Blum Ambia-Line Knife Block

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Having stylish, big wide drawers looks sleek and they are extremely practical, sometimes a little organisation is key to make them work to their full potential!

Blum's Ambia-Line & Orga-Line ranges have plenty of practical solutions, which look just as good and work in harmony with the Blum Legrabox & Blum Tandembox Antaro drawers both big and small - make kitchen tasks easier.

Safe accommodation for your kitchen knives! The Ambia-Line knife insert can hold up to 9 knives, 4 large and 5 small. A handle support is also included to keep long knives stable within the drawer. 

This knife insert comes with an anti-slipping device which is fixed to the base of your drawer. The Ambia-Line knife insert has been designed to be used within Blum Legrabox drawers, as a stand alone insert it can also be used within many other branded or bespoke kitchen drawers. 

It is suitable to be used within any Ambia-Line dividing drawer frame with a width of 200mm >>


Width 187mm
Suitable for 'M' Height Legrabox Drawers 90.5mm
Suitable for 'K' Height Legrabox Drawers



  • Ideal for large or small knifes
  • Holds up to nine knifes
  • Blum quality
  • Flexible arrangement
  • Nylon & stainless steel
  • Suitable for Blum Tandembox and Legrabox drawers.

Add non-slip matting to your kitchen drawers >>

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