Blum Ambia-Line Film & Foil Insert
Blum Ambia-Line Film & Foil Insert

Blum Ambia-Line Film & Foil Insert

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Having stylish, big wide drawers looks sleek and they are extremely practical, sometimes a little organisation is key to make them work to their full potential!

Blum's Ambia-Line & Orga-Line ranges have plenty of practical solutions, which look just as good and work in harmony with the Blum Legrabox & Blum Tandembox Antaro drawers both big and small - make kitchen tasks easier.

Cling film can be messy and awkward to dispense and the boxes that tin foil comes in just fall apart leaving you with a messy and un-tidy drawer. The Ambia-Line foil and film dispenser is fast, convenient and film comes out crease free. Both can be cut with minimal effort. 

This holder comes with an anti-slipping device which is fixed to the base of your drawer. The Ambia-Line film and foil holder has been designed to be used within Blum Legrabox drawers, as a stand alone insert it can also be used within many other branded or bespoke kitchen drawers. You can also remove this holder from the drawer and use it on your kitchen worktops.

It is suitable to be used within any Ambia-Line dividing drawer frame with a width of 200mm >>


Width 187mm
Suitable for 'M' Height Legrabox Drawers 90.5mm
Suitable for 'K' Height Legrabox Drawer



  • Blum quality.
  • Supplied with 1 x Roll of Foil & 1 x Roll of Film.
  • Flexible arrangement.
  • Nylon & stainless steel.
  • Suitable for Blum Tandembox and Legrabox drawers.

Add non-slip matting to your kitchen drawers >>

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