12v Drivers
12v Drivers

12v Drivers

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Driver for 12v lighting solutions

This driver is available in 14w, 45w and 75w the capacity of your driver will depend on the power consumption of the light you are using and how many you would like to run back to one driver. 

Each driver has the capacity to plug in 10 lights. 

How to work out the driver you require:

E.G: Each light is 2.3W and you would like to install 3 lights. (2.3 x 3 = 6.9) Therefore a 12 Volt and 15 Watt driver is adequate (please also take into consideration the cable length of your chosen light to ensure it will reach the driver.) Click here to choose the correct driver >>

You will not require a driver if your chosen light is 240v mains powered. 

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