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All Blum products are engineered to provide for a problem-free-use of the furniture during its lifetime, which is up to 20 years. Find out more about registering your guarantee >>

Blum Quality Checks:  Blum, Inc. does a great deal of testing to ensure that the quality of our hardware is consistent with the high standards that customers have come to expect. Rigorous testing procedures are carried out from the development stage through production. Blum’s internal testing standards are based on practical applications of our products and are more stringent than what is required by ANSI/BHMA.

Testing: Blum hinge systems meet or exceed ANSI/BHMA grade 2 requirements. Blum drawer systems meet or exceed ANSI/BHMA grade 1 requirements.

ISO Certification: Blum’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified, which means that customers can expect consistent quality in every Blum product. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are important objectives of their management philosophy.

AEO Certification: Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status is a quality mark indicating that Blum’s role in the international supply chain is secure.

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In the heartland of industrial Germany, Schulte, the manufacturer of  EVOline® is recognised internationally for design innovation and industry leading electrical systems.

EVOline® solutions provide “plug and play” systems for office work stations, conference and meeting room tables, reception areas, hotel rooms, kitchens, educational/hospital facilities, home offices – anywhere discreet power and data systems are necessary.

Design - World leading designs including the Red Dot Award winning EVOline® Port are celebrated for the quality of build and materials, precision engineering, flexibility and service.

QualityPrecision engineering, using only the finest materials and processes refined over 45 years of manufacturing experience, their systems are individually subject to rigorous quality testing procedures.

Detail - Their systems benefit from uncompromising attention to detail  – from enhanced flexing protection moulds, screw-less sockets and silver plated contacts to non-flammable moulded parts.

Warranted - They insist on using warranted data for optimised speed and performance.

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"The Star on your Furniture"

Even though a handle can seem of less importance in a kitchen or bathroom, it always turns out to be quite the attention grabber. It is the little things that count and create the big picture. A furnipart handle is the big picture.

Here you have 4 focal points to be aware of, and which separate a furnipart handle from others and create our distinct level of finish, experience and joy in daily use.

  • Nice Grip and Room for your fingers
  • The furnipart Test - Additional quality tests in their own labs are carried out e.g Chemical and cross-cut test etc. 
  • Colour tone - Quality control team are very strict when it comes to ensuring the highest possible standards. Visual inspection ensures colour and finish are consistent. 
  • Look for the Logo - The furnipart stamp is present on the back side of all furnipart handles, it's the seal of approval.

L&S designs and produces bespoke, highly innovative and technical lighting solutions. established in 1977, the company have grown from a humble Italian lighting company to an internationally renowned brand.

L&S products are designed and developed to the strictest standards, for compliance with international safety regulations and country-specific legislation. They therefore meet all the necessary worldwide certification and exportation requirements. The highest quality production processes, focus on workplace health and safety and commitment to environmental sustainability are also guaranteed.

Peka are passionate about enhancing your enjoyment of your home with practical, flawlessly made furniture fittings that combine an attractive appearance with unmatched quality. Developing and manufacturing pull-outs, accessories and smart interior solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over fifty years.

'Better Living Starts with a Sheet of Metal' Putting themselves in their customers' shoes and seeking out the little annoyances and niggles in day-to-day life – like the precarious pile of brooms, dusters and ironing equipment that always seems ready to collapse on top of you when you open your cleaning cupboard, or the wire baskets in your kitchen units, with their open bases that let small items fall through. Thanks to our steadfast commitment to finding out exactly what our customers want, our products are always designed to respond to real needs, so it is only natural that they stand out through their user-friendliness, unparalleled quality and space-saving design. Quality Assurance Information >> 


The Westermann & Co. company has its headquarters in Arnsberg in the Sauerland. The family company, founded in 1867, with its WESCO brand stands for continuous, innovative development work in the field of built-in waste collection technology with high standards of quality and functionality.

Based on more than 130 years of experience in the field of metal processing, high-quality consumer goods with a distinctive design and high functionality are created here.

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