About Us

ML Living is about Modern, Luxury Living – Supporting your lifestyle and making the most from your living spaces.

We are a supplier of high-quality home components, accessories and solutions which add to the well-being of your home and for those that live within it.

With over 25 years of experience working with and supplying many of our products into homes, leisure establishments and even the workplace, we only supply the best quality products that have been fully tried and tested by the ML Living team. We don’t want to let you down and we don’t want our products to either.

Looking for a higher quality of living & well-being for you and your home?

We can help you choose the right product; we believe that all your living spaces matter. You don’t want a product that just looks nice, it needs to be practical too - adding value to your living spaces.

Here’s what can we offer for each of your living spaces:

The Kitchen – The heart of the home, some might say?

Whether you have a kitchen that allows you to socialise or a small, yet functional space, storage and organisation will be key. But we understand you still want it to look great! Our practical solutions to making your kitchen work for you and still have the style to impress you and your guests are just what you need.

Utility – A small, yet productive space within the home.

Endless piles of washing, the kids football kit, the dog’s towels and leads and anything else you can think of that you don’t want under your feet in the kitchen. Let’s get it organised and tidy – from laundry baskets to storage boxes and containers you might even train the kids to sort their washing too!

The living Room – A place to relax?

You can only truly relax when you have a clear, organised mind – maybe your living space feels the same? Create easy to access storage solutions but also add style with beautiful components and feature home accessories. Sit back, admire and relax!

Bedrooms – A place that you can escape.

Make it a peaceful place, with sumptuous soft furnishings you just want to snuggle into alongside a neat and tidy space that makes getting ready for work on those early mornings a breeze, almost a pleasure!

Hallways – No need to hurry out of the house, do you know exactly where everything is?

The hallway of any house is often full of hustle and bustle, whether you’re trying to get the kids out of the house and on their way to school or you’re bring the dog back from a muddy wet walk. We can help you keep your hallway free of clutter, have somewhere to keep the dogs lead and the kids school bags, that way everything can be to hand.

Bathrooms – Clean up in comfort, help your bathroom looks its best too. It’s living space which can have a hard life, get the practical tools and accessories to give you and your bathroom and easier life. 

Commercial Spaces – Spruce up your working environment or make you public areas easier to use and more attractive. We spend a lot of time in our working environment, make it work for you, your colleagues and guests. Make sorting you’re waste easy and storage fun, beautiful and easy to access and use.