Under-sink Space? Find a use for it...

Sometimes the space under your sink can become a wasted cupboard in the kitchen. If you have the space available, it can be the perfect location for your kitchen waste bin. 

Here are some of the things you may need to think about when choosing a bin for under your sink:

  • Although your cabinet may be of a standard depth you will need to measure your depth from where any pipework is sitting. This will make the depth significantly shorter.
  • Having a lower height bin will also minimise any further fitting complications.
  • The capacity of an under-sink kitchen waste bin will inevitable be smaller. Make sure this is the best place in your kitchen bin. Will it meet the demand of your household? Maybe you would be better off allocating an alternative cupboard or opting for a freestanding bin >>

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Wesco Pullboy 9XL Wesco Shorty Manual Waste Bin - Under Sink Bin

All of the built-in WESCO kitchen bins can be retro fitted too, if you are looking to replace / upgrade a bin that you currently have or changing a cupboard ‘s use, it’s easy!

Are you worried about odours within your internal bin, many of our bins come with an odour trap that sits across all of the individual compartments but if you would like to have additional lids for each individual bin you can add these too!

Perhaps you are looking for some storage for those bin liners, cleaning sponges, hand wash, dishwasher tables, the list could go on. Well, we have a little idea for you. 

The FIXOL sink drawer is easy to install and works around you sink, maximising the space available. Able to navigate around almost any obstacle in any room that would ordinarily prevent a drawer from being used, such as a plumbing kit, waste disposal, soil pipe, pop-up plug socket, water heater, worktop mounted waste bin and water purifier to name but a few.

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Fixol Sink Drawer Fixol Sink Drawer

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