Make the inside as good as the outside - Blum SPACE TOWER is your answer!

Don't just have your kitchen looking amazing from the outside make it look great on the inside and work for you. Whatever size your kitchen space, the Blum SPACE TOWER creates an ergonomic storage system, sometimes this is crucial in the smaller kitchen.

The Blum SPACE TOWER range incorporates many different finishes and can be built using the Blum Tandembox Antaro drawers or the sleek in design Blum Legrabox drawers for that added touch of luxury. Whatever the look you are trying to achieve within your kitchen there's generally a combination of style and finish to suit your home. 

Blum Space Tower Antaro 

The SPACE TOWER has a wide range of configurations, ensuring this practical larder makes the best use of every single millimetre. In widths from 300mm to 600mm. 

Once you’ve chosen your SPACE TOWER, maximise the internal space with our range of accessories.  From the Blum AMBIA-LINE and the PEKA Spider to the Classic cutlery and utensil inserts. These are all excellent dividing systems to organise your drawer space, further enhancing this flexible storage larder.

(Above: Signature Oak Cutlery Divider)

Blum AMBIA-LINE Spice Rack 

(Above: Blum AMBIA-LINE Spice storage rack and PEKA Spider Bottle Holder)

With such a variety of colours and finishes available, the SPACE TOWER is equally at home in the bedroom, bathroom or even living room, wherever you need functional and aesthetically pleasing storage. It doesn’t need to sit behind closed doors either, show it off and make a feature of it, it’s just too good to hide.

Take a look at the amazing options available, you'll wish you had seen them before >>

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